A Buddhist community on the Miramichi

Welcome to our community. If you are a long time practitioner or just interested to know more about Buddhism and live in the Miramichi area this is the right place.

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Since we most likely do not have enough people in our region this will be a non sectarian community. As such we will focus on common scripture to all schools. While we will practice meditation using mindfulness it will be done in the context of Buddhist practice.

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Mental defilements

Eradicate the numerous kleshas and develop the wholesome qualities of mind.

Factor of enligthemnents

Develop mindfulness along with all the 37 factors to enligthemnent.

Not self

Develop insight into not self and emptiness.

Love and Compassion

Practice the 4 Brahmavira or the 6 Paramita.

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Ready to join us? Due to COVID-19 we are now practicing online until conditions are more suitable to return to the Newcastle public library meeting rooms on some Saturday afternoon and some weekday evening. We have scripture reading, meditation, and discussion, and mini retreat. Everything that we organize is always completely free. Contact us for the exact schedule.