A Buddhist community on the Miramichi

Welcome to our community. If you are a long time practitioner or just interested to know more about Buddhism and live in the Miramichi area this is the right place.

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Our community will be non sectarian community. As such we will focus on various scriptures of the main Buddhist schools depending on the interest and disposition of the community. Over time we intend to create an entire fourfold Sangha complete with our own monastery, join us in our practice.

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Mental defilements

Eradicate the numerous mental defilements and develop the wholesome qualities of mind.

Factor of enligthemnents

Develop mindfulness along with all the 37 factors to enligthemnent.

Not self

Develop insight into not self and emptiness.

Love and Compassion

Practice the 4 Brahmavira and/or the Paramitas.

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We mostly practice virtually for the time being with occasional in person practice. Contact us for the schedule or join our Facebook group.

We are currently looking to build a permanent monastery and meditation hall, if you are a carpenter or electrician and want to help out or to donate funds contact us for more information.